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Curriculum Statement

At Queens C of E Academy, we have created a curriculum which we believe will inspire our children to learn more about the world around them, building on what they already know and preparing them for the next steps in their learning, and giving them opportunities to develop the essential skills for life in modern Britain.


We believe that pupils learn most effectively when they are able to understand connections between different areas of their experience. We want them to acquire transferable skills which can be applied in any area of knowledge or understanding. Children do not see their world in discrete compartmentalised boxes, but, rather, as a whole spectrum of experience.  For this reason, where possible, set texts in English are linked to overarching topics through which the Humanities are taught. Our long-term overviews demonstrate how different subjects are linked.


English is divided into both English and Reading lessons. Set texts are used as starting points for these lessons, where in reading, the text is read and analysed in full. In English, the text is a basis from which quality writing is produced, covering a range of genres. We aim to foster an enjoyment of reading which will not only engage the children’s interest in mastering the essential literacy skills, but will arouse a curiosity to find out more about the events, characters and settings of the books.  History, Geography, Art, Science and Religious Education are explored through the overarching topic which these texts fall within. At this stage trips, visitors and other experiential learning opportunities are planned. All topics and set texts are reviewed at the end of each term or half term, to evaluate their impact and inform future planning, then they are adapted for the following year to account for differing needs or interests of different cohorts of children.

Mathematics, Computing and Physical Education are taught as discrete subjects to develop children’s skills systematically, following National Curriculum programmes of study, although opportunities to apply these are outlined when appropriate

In our subject overviews, subject leaders give clear guidance on which National Curriculum objectives will be taught in each year group, in order to ensure progression of skills. In our half termly overviews, class teachers use this guidance to plan purposeful activities to engage their pupils in order to meet the expected outcomes, including relevant elements of SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural) opportunities for learning.


Our short-term plans are those that our teachers write and amend on a weekly or daily basis. We use these to set out the learning intentions for each lesson, to plan the learning activities in which pupils will be engaged, to make clear how learning may need to be differentiated for groups of different ability, to plan assessment opportunities and to identify what support and resources will be needed by the pupils.


If you would like a greater understanding of the school curriculum please contact Mrs Carvell on telephone no: 02476 382906 or email the office on: school.office@queens.covmat.org


Alternatively please take a look at the class pages in the curriculum section.