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Welcome to our Governance section. 

Please find below details of how our Academy Governance Committee (AGC) is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each AGC Member.


Our AGC Members


The school is part of the Diocese of Coventry Multi Academy Trust and the AGC is part of the governance structure of the Trust which is responsible for overseeing strategic decisions of the school. The governance structure for the trust as a whole is outlined in the governance structure documents here. As an Academy Governance Committee we work in close partnership with the Headteacher and senior leadership team to ensure the best quality education is provided to every child. It is our responsibility to support, challenge, ask questions and ultimately represent the school community. The Academy Governance Committee acts as a ‘critical friend’ to the senior leadership team, questioning and challenging decisions in a constructive and professional way.


Academy Governance Committees have key roles in relation to: providing support, monitoring and challenge around educational experience and performance; church, community and stakeholder engagement and supporting alignment with Trust strategy, approach, ethos and values. The AGC Members meet regularly, visit the school when possible and during special events.  As a team, we are able to support the school to function well and strive to provide a high standard of education.


As a Church of England Primary School Academy (part of the Diocese of Coventry Multi-Academy Trust) all the AGC Members support the school in being a place of inclusive welcome and education for everyone.


The Queens C of E Academy Academy Governance Committee is made up of Foundation (Church) AGC Members, Parent AGC Members, Community AGC Members and Staff AGC Members plus the Vicar of St Marys Church. We meet a maximum of six times a year as a committee; our joint aim is to make sure the school provides the best education and learning experience possible so that our children can achieve their full potential, both academically and personally. 


Our AGC Chair is Paul Allred and our Vice Chair is Saheel Sankriwala


Paul Allred - AGC Chair. Responsible for Teaching & Learning, SIP and SEF


Helen Allred - Responsible for Christian Distinctiveness


Richard Phillips - Responsible for Safeguarding and Teaching & Learning


Shoaib Patel - Associate Governor


Abukaer Malek - Immersive Classroom and Curriculum 


Saheel Sakriwala - Immersive Classroom


Father Roger Butcher - Immersive Classroom and Christian Distinctiveness


Andrew Wright - Community Governor


Kerry McLean - ICT, Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Looked After Children (LAC)


Fatema Varachhia - Curriculum