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The Immersive Classroom

The Immersive Classroom


What is an Immersive Classroom?

It’s a classroom that brings the real world into school through a fully immersive environment using wind, smoke, sound and visuals. This fantastic resource allows teachers to take their students beyond the classroom and the walls of the school into experiences that they may not otherwise ordinarily encounter.

We can transport your child to anywhere: outer space, the 1940s or even an adventure into the deepest, darkest woods. By controlling elements such as temperature and lighting, we create experiences that enhance your child’s learning needs. Children can explore and learn in a way conventional books or articles from the internet could ever provide.


Impact at Queens

In 2018 the end of KS2 writing outcomes were that 69% of children achieved the expected standard and 22% of children achieved greater depth. Now, with the use of the Immersive Classroom, children are able to write from concrete experience, improving their writing skills. In 2019, 84% of children achieved the expected standard which was above the national average of 78% and 40% achieved greater depth which was double the national average of 20%. The immersive classroom has contributed to this improvement in the children’s writing skills. This can be attributed to the children being able to interact with situations they normally wouldn’t be able to experience in an ordinary classroom which deepens the knowledge pool that children have to draw from.



At Queens, the children visit the Immersive Classroom a minimum of once a week ensuring they are getting that ‘Wow’ moment weekly. In the Immersive Classroom, we boast the use of vibrating floors, mood lighting, a multi user interactive board, a smoke machine, air-conditioning,  scent machine and even an interactive floor. This allows us to create any atmosphere to enhance your child’s experiences’ here at Queens.

At Queens we truly believe;

 ‘It’s about how many breathes you take away, not how many you take’

‘The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.’

Psalm 19:1

Accolade’s and Reviews

A massive thank you to;

  • Osbourne Technologies for installing our fantastic Immersive Classroom and  continued partnership together (watch this space).
  • The Mayor and Mayoress for opening the Immersive Classroom.
  • The Times Newspaper for visiting and raising awareness of the brilliance of this educational resource


Some of our comments;

The Times Newspaper stated, ‘The interactive classroom submerged children with images projected across walls and floors’

The Coventry Telegraph said, ‘It is something of a coup for the school to boast such technology and it is having a huge impact on the pupils' everyday learning.’

Check out the whole article at https://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-news/gallery/stunning-immersive-classroom-16254778

Tutors from Birmingham City University stated ‘Wow! What an incredible opportunity for the children.’

Jack ‘It’s the best experience of my life!’

Mia ‘I was so happy to go to and experience new things.’

A TA at the school ‘It’s amazing, the children gain such a deeper understanding of their learning, especially the SEND children where the room can benefit their individual needs. The children are always excited to visit the Immersive Classroom. Their creative thinking and their knowledge of the five senses it writing has been expanded because of the use of the Immersive Classroom.’


‘I wish I had this when I was in school!’

‘I would never want to leave.’