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Year 3

Happy New Year!

We have left the frozen wastelands of Antarctica and have now arrived in 1939 in Britain where bombers are laying siege to our towns and villages. Our History topic is called 'Without War-ning!' and we will be studying the impact the Blitz had on the people of Britain at the time aiming to understand how their lives changed as a consequence. At the same time we will be studying Germany in Geography aiming to understand it's diverse landscapes. To link in with our History topic, we will be creating trailers explaining how to stay safe during an Air Raid using iMovie on the iPads as well as creating gas masks and, in spring 2, Anderson shelters.


This half term in Science we will be looking to 'Do the Light Thing!' and study how shadows are formed as well as understanding more about the light from the sun. Our RE topic will see us looking at the 'People of God' section from The Big Frieze looking at the story of Noah and why, despite everything everyone else was saying to him, he chose to follow God and build the ark.


Weekly Timetable

Monday - bring your PE kits in. AR reading quiz and library day.

Tuesday - timetabled PE lesson.

Wednesday - timestable superhero test.

Thursday - Spelling test and homework due in.

Friday - New homework and spellings sent home. Take PE kit home. 



Over the half term for homework, you can choose at least one activity a week, making sure that over the 8 weeks, all of the red English tasks are chosen. 


Whilst we encourage daily reading at home, to get gold in homework, there must be three adult signatures and comments to show you have read to an adult. Reading records need to be in school each week.


Can't wait to see the wonderful homework that you produce!


Year 3 Team