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Internet Safety

Click on the picture if you're worried about something that has happened to you or a family member online.


For some more lessons on Online safety, visit this website:




You can also use Worry Bot to report any concerns you have to the school.


Welcome to Year 3's class page!

Examples of Great Work - Can you spot yours? Can you use it to inspire you?

Monday 13th July 2020

Good Morning all!


The end of term is always a time of sports day, productions, fun and celebration. All the teachers feel a bit weird that we’re not going ahead with any of this. If you’re feeling a bit worried by it all, let us know on Worry Bot: https://queensworrybot.uk/postworry.php


Today’s Trip

Penultimate episode of the trip is available from today. The video is short and sweet but would you believe it took us over 5 minutes to film it… Some teachers couldn’t stop giggling (Miss Bradshaw).

Today sees our intrepid explorers continue their meander down the canal. Head to the year 3 page to check it out: https://www.queens.covmat.org/year-3/


Pick ‘N’ Mix


Books/stories are a window onto the world and questions about them help us understanding them deeper.

So why not try some https://readtheory.org/





Head to this website and search for Monday’s lesson.


There is ‘The Trip’ on our webpage.


Or, head to Padlet and explore for some more fun activities!




Story Time!

Don’t forget, Mr Grimwood’s story time is available for you to have a listen to on our website. https://www.queens.covmat.org/story-time/


Mini Tour

For the new year 3s, the teachers produced a little tour. Thought you may like to check it out so head here to find it: https://www.queens.covmat.org/year-2-transition/


Have a great day J


The Year 3 Team

The Trip!

This is the section where you will find all the information you need to know for our special trip...
Series 1 is available by clicking on the globe below. Series two can be watched and the activities found just below. We will only be releasing 2 videos a week for Series 2 so watch out for their release in the daily emails!




The Trip - Series 2, Day 1

Still image for this video

The Trip Series 2 Episode 2

Still image for this video

The Trip Series 2 Day 3

Still image for this video

The Trip Series 2 Part 4

Still image for this video

Series 2 Part 5

Still image for this video

Series 2 Episode 6

Still image for this video

The Trip Series 2 Episode 7

Still image for this video

The Trip Season 2 Part 8

Still image for this video

The Trip Season 2 Episode 9

Still image for this video

The Trip Season 2 Episode 10

Still image for this video

Season 2 Episode 11

Still image for this video

Work From Previous Days This Week



Still image for this video

Welcome to Year 3's online learning!! laugh


Whether you are in your school uniform, your tracksuit or even your Spiderman onesie, nothing can stop you on your learning journey...


By now you will have your home learning pack so why not start one of your exciting projects - you could plant a sunflower, research your surroundings or go further afield and plan a visit to Tokyo for the Olympic games. Then get some tips from Joe Wicks on preparing like an Olympic athlete. 


Every day, there will be Maths and English tasks to complete on Purple Mash. Your login is inside your home learning pack along with Pixl and other helpful, fun websites/apps to help you consolidate your learning from this year. There will also be weekly spellings uploaded to this page so please check in weekly to practise. Check important documentation to view these. Every Friday there will be a spellings quiz on Purple Mash for you to complete to test how well you learnt your spellings.


If you have access to a computer or tablet device at home, you will be able to complete all tasks online via one of the websites or you can use PowerPoint/word documents to create your projects which can then be emailed to us. All of our class emails are in your home learning packs but in case you cannot find them to hand, they are as follows:


parks@queenscofe.org.uk - Miss Bradshaw

nightingale@queenscofe.org.uk - Mr McDonald

churchill@queenscofe.org.uk - Mrs McLean and Mr Chadwick


We look forward to seeing the fantastic work you complete, whether that is through purple mash, documents or your project work!! 


Stay safe.


Miss Bradshaw, Mr McDonald, Mrs McLean, Mr Chadwick


Read Theory Letter