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Internet Safety

Click on your picture if you're worried about something that has happened to you or a family member online.


You can also use Worry Bot to report any concerns you have to the school.


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Home learning W.B. 13.07.20


We've made it. It's now the final week of the year. Let us be the first to say a very well done for all the work you've done since September. We're very proud of the progress you've made. You have also impressed us with your resilience and positive attitude during the pandemic. No-one expected that the year would turn out like this but you have coped enormously well. We look forward to welcoming you back to school in September, when you'll be Year 6! How the time has flown by!


As it is the last week of term, we are not expecting you to complete as much work as you have been doing. Had we been in school, we would have finished the curriculum by now and would be doing some recapping and some transition work. Therefore, here are the tasks you need to complete:



Go to https://readtheory.org/auth/login and complete at least one quiz per day so that you can keep your reading skills sharp.



There are no writing lessons as such this week. Instead, we've set three 2dos on Purple Mash (https://www.purplemash.com/sch/queens-cv11) which centre around transition. 



We've set a few 2dos on Purple Mash around co-ordinates and probability. They're fairly simple but - as we haven't looked at these topics recently - you may want to take your time or do a quick Google search to recap them.



There are some nice art lessons on Oak Academy (https://classroom.thenational.academy/schedule-by-year/year-5) which are easy to complete at home. 


There is also one more RE lesson, which we'll post on padlet.


We will continue to monitor padlet and post a few optional tasks, so keep checking back there for updates.


Kind regards,

Mr. Grimwood, Miss Wright and Mrs. Makryliotaki


Internet Safety

As you aware a lot of our learning is now based online. Below we have linked some useful websites which help you to remain safe online. 





Weekly Spellings 01.06.20


Green Group - Words ending in the suffix -al

  1. natural
  2. occasional
  3. actual
  4. accidental
  5. medical
  6. national
  7. capital
  8. vocal
  9. sensational 
  10. personal


Blue Group - Unstressed vowels in polysyllabic words

  1. definite
  2. desperate
  3. literate
  4. secretary
  5. stationary
  6. dictionary
  7. Wednesday
  8. familiar
  9. original
  10. animal

Weekly Picture Challenge!

Each week we are going to be posting a different picture. It is your challenge to create a story or picture that is inspired by the image we have chosen. At the end of the week we will pick a winner and post it here on our Year 5 page.  

Send all your entries to: curie@queenscofe.org.uk



Where is this tree? How can you get to it? What will you see if you look inside? What will happen if you step inside? Who or what created it?


Write a story or draw a picture inspired by the image below








Daily Riddle!

Each day we are going to upload a riddle or puzzle for you to solve! Email your answers to curie@queenscofe.org.uk and we will post the first person to answer correctly the next day!




What is full of holes but still holds water?


Congratulations to Diya for being the first to answer the last riddle correctly! I do believe that makes it five in a row now.

Daily reasoning challenge


Hello, and welcome to Year 5's daily reasoning challenge! Congratulations!


Challenge 22.05.20



The guidance and archive can be found below.

Art Lesson Printables

Art Lesson Video

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Previous weeks spellings!

Daily reasoning guidance